Day 28 Weights – Legs, Cardio – 30 min Low Intensity

Its the end of week 4 here at and we’re finishing with Legs and a 30 minute walk. I will be going drinking for the last time today, so it’s important I really put in in this morning on this workout. The FacelessFitness Programme allows alcohol up to the end of the fourth week, in moderation! but then no drinking for the remaining 8 weeks. I’m home and meeting some old friend so it could get interesting, however I’m here to smash legs. I’m using a different gym today again, it’s pay as you go and one I use a lot when I’m home. Should be a little quieter too on a bank-holiday sunday! Lets do this.

FacelessFitness Legs

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Day 27 Weights – Back & Biceps, Cardio – 22 min Intervals

Having missed last nights session due to a car accident (Not Me), Today has become a Back & Biceps training day. I’m using a new gym today that I’ve not used previously for back and biceps so I may need to get creative in what I’m doing. Looking forward to smashing it!

Total Workout Time: 1 hr 14 mins

FacelessFitness - Back & Biceps

Weights Workout: Back & Biceps
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Day 26 Weights – Rest Day, Cardio – 22 min low intensity

Today was initially planned as a weights training day, Back & Biceps, however it simply did not turn out like that! It’s the Friday of the October bank-holiday weekend here in Ireland and I like most other young professionals was planning on getting out of the capital and travelling home for the weekend. Instead of my usual bus route to work I decided to walk to and from work which takes around 25 minutes each way. This means that when I get home I only need to close out my weights session…nicely planned FacelessFitGuy! 🙂 Continue reading

Day 25 Weights – Chest & Triceps, Cardio – 22 min Low intensity

It’s Thursday evening of the gym programme, Today is chest & triceps which I think is probably everyone’s favourite training split. Definitely mine, well no I love them all! Crap I can’t decide now. Anyway I feel surprisingly fresh going into this workout, ready to smash this!

Total Workout Time: 1 hr 20 mins

FacelessFitness Chest & Triceps

Weights Workout: Chest & Triceps
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Day 24: Weights – Rest Day, Cardio – 42 min Medium Intensity

It’s Wednesday evening here at faceless fitness, and it’s a non training day from a weights perspective which means it’s cardio only. I trained legs on Monday so my DOM’s are well and truly kicking in. I know this will be a tough session. As it’s now week 4 we’ve also started to increment up our cardio sessions by 2-3 minutes per week which means this is going to be a 42 minute session!

Work is really really tough at the moment, I’m geniunely out of the house for 12 hours per day. 1 hour travel to work, 10 hours working and 1 hour to travel home. It’s important to get your meals in aand training no matter what your situation is. It’s mentally tough but stick to your routine. if you have to move a days weights training, that’s fine but get back on track as soon as possible and do your cardio everyday.  Continue reading

Day 23: Weights – Shoulders, Traps & Abs, Cardio – 22 min Sprint Intervals

Today for Shoulders I’m going to be using the FacelessFitness Pyramid Set technique, This combines high reps and heavy weights and gets really great results, It works really well for shoulders but can also be applied to any muscle group. However trainer beware you do not want to use this technique on every muscle group every time as it will lead to over training. We did use it last week but I feel fresh enough to go again. Definitely do not use this technique for every muscle group every day!

FacelessFitness Pyramid Set Technique

Total Workout Time: 1 hr 13 mins
Cardio: 22 min sprint intervals, 6 secs on, 14 secs off – Bike

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Day 22: Weights – Legs, Cardio – 22 min low intensity

Its the beginning of week 4 here at and we’re kicking it off with Leg day! A lot of people out there either don’t like leg day or tend to skip it in favour of the upper body quick win workouts. Similar to a well clevaged woman stating excuse me my face is up here…you can’t help but stare at the tiny legs of a man who has always skipped the day in place of maintaining his upper body physique.

“Excuse me brah, my muscles are up here…”

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Week 4: Plan & Goal

Week 3 quick review: Really happy with week 3. It was a tough week from a personal perspective as I had a lot on in work etc. However I still made it to the gym and successfully completed all my sessions. Training wise I feel a lot fitter despite the additional tiredness. I feel like I am getting stronger in every muscle area. I’m seeing real changes to my body shape which are not apparent on the scales – Perfect for this stage of my programme, It means I’m gaining muscle (as evident from my measurements and losing fat in an equal proportion). Happy days for Phase 1. 🙂

Week 4 The Plan:

The Goal:

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Day 21: Weights – Back & Biceps, Cardio – 20 mins Intervals

It’s the final day of week 3 and for me (and you) it’s a training day. Today we’re looking to smash our Back and Biceps and really round off a great third week of training. Yesterday rest day has served me very well as a recovery day. I still have some muscle soreness in my calves but will push through to complete my interval training. To the gym…

Total Workout Time: 1 hr 9 mins

Faceless Fitness - back & Biceps

Weights Workout: Back & Biceps
Exercise 1: Wide Grip Chin Up’s Continue reading Gym Tips #1: Gym Partners & Spotters: What to look for

Have you got a gym partner already or are you a lone wolf? Everybody trains differently, some are extrovert gym goers, chatting to everyone, asking about sets and generally getting involved in everything that’s going on in the gym. These guys love the gym. Others are more introvert, quiet, focused, keep to themselves, not really concerned about what others are doing. These guys also love the gym! Then you have the newbies…these are neither extrovert or introvert, yet!

So no matter what group you fall into, do you need a gym partner? My answer is ‘Yes with a But’, or ‘No with a Consider’…

“Yes with a But”
Most people who have a training partner usually Continue reading