Welcome to FacelessFitness.com, I am FacelessFitGuy. To answer the  obvious question, Why Faceless? Why the secret? I believe that fitness and a healthy lifestyle should be for everyone but not be everything to anyone. When you put yourself on-line as a fitness person you become coupled to it and categorised by it. I do not work in a gym, I am not a personal trainer and I am not trying to get signed to any nutrition label. I am instead a budding young professional that typically works 10-12 hour days in an office environment. To say that revealing my identity would negatively impact my career is probably a bit of a stretch, however lets just say that I don’t wish to mix what I do in work with whatever it is I do outside of work (Smash weights and run).

The secondary reason is that I truly believe that fitness should be free, there will not be a charge to start working out with me using my programme, this has potential conflict with the under qualified personal trainers of this world that believe every 6 week programme constitutes a pay day. There appears to be an endless cycle of ‘crash’ workout programmes which are designed to shock the body over a short period of time creating an environment of quick  unsustainable gains and a culture of ‘yo-yo fitness’ (People simply are not getting a long term transformation)

Over the next 12 weeks I hope to impart as much knowledge as possible about fitness and nutrition. My programme will provided a structured plan to achieve fitness goals in an incremental way, utilising small changes in diet & exercise to achieve large sustainable results.

Come with me, It’s free and faceless!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Whiskey Nut October 8, 2016 / 6:13 pm

    Does doing a 20k cycle after a night out whiskey tasting count as a fitness regime?
    With you on the faceless – gym fit I’m not.


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