Day 24: Weights – Rest Day, Cardio – 42 min Medium Intensity

It’s Wednesday evening here at faceless fitness, and it’s a non training day from a weights perspective which means it’s cardio only. I trained legs on Monday so my DOM’s are well and truly kicking in. I know this will be a tough session. As it’s now week 4 we’ve also started to increment up our cardio sessions by 2-3 minutes per week which means this is going to be a 42 minute session!

Work is really really tough at the moment, I’m geniunely out of the house for 12 hours per day. 1 hour travel to work, 10 hours working and 1 hour to travel home. It’s important to get your meals in aand training no matter what your situation is. It’s mentally tough but stick to your routine. if you have to move a days weights training, that’s fine but get back on track as soon as possible and do your cardio everyday. 

Cardio: 42 mins Medium Intensity – Treadmill

It’s 9.12 Pm when I get to the gym which closes at 10. I’m so tired 😦 but let’s do this. I’m planning a 42 minute jog but after around 17 minutes it becomes clear I won’t make the 42 minutes at that pace. My heart rate is hitting around 165 bpm which is perfect but my legs are really tired, Mentally the long hours at work are definitely having an effect on my cardio mood. So what to do? do I give up? This is a medium intensity session so a regular walk at this point won’t do! Solution: I drop the pace down to walking but change the incline to the maximum. The change has taken pressure off of my legs and allowed me to keep my heart rate up. I walk uphill for around 15 minutes and then change back to a jog for the last 10.

Medium intensity means do whatever you can to keep it at medium and keep going for the 42 minutes.

Cardio Mood: Tough mental battles here through-out but extremely satisfying when I got to the end! Tough but great. BED!

Calories Burned: 641

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