Week 4: Plan & Goal

Week 3 quick review: Really happy with week 3. It was a tough week from a personal perspective as I had a lot on in work etc. However I still made it to the gym and successfully completed all my sessions. Training wise I feel a lot fitter despite the additional tiredness. I feel like I am getting stronger in every muscle area. I’m seeing real changes to my body shape which are not apparent on the scales – Perfect for this stage of my programme, It means I’m gaining muscle (as evident from my measurements and losing fat in an equal proportion). Happy days for Phase 1. 🙂

Week 4 The Plan:

The Goal:

The goal of week four  is to continue to lift heavy. Every set you should be aiming to fail after around 6 reps and push through to 10 reps, if it’s not happening you need to put that weight up. With the exception of dropsets I want to get myself failing between 6-8 reps. Remember form is extremely important, when hitting your fail weight you need to make sure the muscle that you want to fail is the one doing the majority of the work. If you feel you are over compensating any muscles to assist your isolation exercise, put the weight down and really focus on the target muscle, and lift heavy. Really heavy! This is an extension of week three but you should be really getting to know your body at this point. Lift heavy but acknowledge form!

This week we are going to begin incrementing up our cardio sessions to make them more difficult and keep pressure on our body to adapt to the change. We are going to add two minte to each of out current cardio sessions. That 2 mins to our 20 minute low intensity, 2 minutes to our 40 mins medium intensity, and 2 minutes to our interval training. We are going to add 2-3 minutes a week to each session for the next 8 weeks. I challenge you to not be fit after this!

At this point over the last two weeks you should have identified your bad eating habits and picked out the bad things you need to cut out. if you haven’t already began to phase them out, you should start now immediately. For me my main issues are Milk, Cheese, Chocolate, Fizzy drinks, Chips, takeaways, and Milk. God I love milk! But I can’t have it. I drink litres, no good! We are now in phase two of out Gym Programme and all of you bad habits need to be coupled into a single day. In week 5 It will be a cheat meal, Not a cheat day!

Where I’m at Week 4:
As always It’s extremely important to take accurate measurements for yourself to ensure that you are continually pushing yourself forward each week.

The scales & naked mirror test (If your honest) don’t lie, however measurements and progress pics can and frequently do. To remove any ambiguity all of my measurements and progress pics will show my at rest state and my tensed state.

Weight : 217lbs or 15 Stone 7 Lbs (-5lbs vs week 1, 0 lbs vs week 3)
Body Fat %: 17% (-3% vs week 1, -1% vs week 3)

Body Part: At Rest/Tensed     (Compared to Week 1)
Chest: 109cm / 120cm                (+1cm /+2cm vs week 1, 0cm / +0.5cm vs week 3)
Waist: 103 / 98cm                (-3.5cm / -2cm vs week 1, -0.5cm / -1cm vs week 3)
Arms: 40cm / 43cm                  (+1cm / +2m vs week 1, +1cm /+0.5cm vs week 3)
Forearms: 32cm / 32.5cm       (+0.5cm / +0.5cm vs week 1, 0cm /+0cm vs week 3)
Thighs Up: 64.5cm / 65cm         (+0.5cm/+0cm vs week 1, -0.5cm /-0.5cm vs week 3)
Thighs Lo: 52.5cm / 54cm             (+1.5cm /+1cm vs week 1, -0.5cm / 0cm vs week 3)
Calves: 44cm / 44.5cm                  (1cm /+2.5cm vs week 1, +1cm / +0.5cm vs week 3)

Day 22 photos, Images on the left at the at rest pose, images on the right are the tensed/flexed pose. Both photos taken at the same time in the same room and from the same distance!

 Faceless Fitness Week 3

Faceless Fitness Week 3

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