Success – 5 thoughts and why you should be a sweet potato

The New Zealand modern day rugby teams mantra is “No D**kheads” and for me it’s so simple and perfect. Don’t be a d**khead. Greater emphasis is placed on strength of character rather than raw ability. Many exceptionally talented young New Zealanders have been passed over for the international team due to how they conduct themselves. Above all a responsibility to represent the jersey to the best of your ability without compromising the team values. Read Legacy by James Kerr, it’s amazing.

For me being successful is everything. As you grow your measure for success must also, if 5 years when I was leaving college someone told me I would be in the career position I am now I couldn’t have imagined it. My Salary has increased 8 times in the last 5 years and only last week I requested a 9th as my company attempt to make me permanent 13 months ahead of schedule – I’ve made an impact. But is any of that success? No. Money is money and how much you have means nothing to me. Imagine you have a school reunion tomorrow with all of your old class mates, friends, enemies, the rest. When asked what have you being doing with yourself will the first line be: well in 2016 I’ve made €X how about you? I really hope not. But what would you say? What are the points you want to make about yourself to people to showcase your success. If you’re fresh out and you can’t answer that, it’s time to act, time to be a success!

“The Sweet Potato does not need to tell you how sweet it is” – Legacy James Kerr

Now I’m not saying be a sweet potato but what a humble b*****d of a vegetable.

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