Faceless Friday – 08/12/17

Happy Friday!!! If you’re making the big trip to Dublin today for the Christmas shopping, happy shopping day ya massive culchie 😂

What I’m trying for mental (and physical) improvement…

Hot Yoga – I’ve always wanted to get properly into yoga and in particular hot yoga but for one reason or another I’ve always more dabbled than actually gotten fully engaged. I’ve loved the idea for so long of finding my centre through active meditation while also improving my physical health. I noted earlier this year the mental benefits of being able to switch off from the stresses of work and life while going through my most recent dabbling phase but for long term the times never seemed to really suit and it became more hassle than it was worth. They also have zero parking in the studio I went to which needed additional and annoying planning. Anyway a recent change of apartment for me allowed me to tactically position my life 100 metres from the gym and 800 metres from the Hot Yoga studio. This was no coincidence boys 😎 Make things easy and you’ll do it. And I have done it! I should mention that an almost 4 month lay off with a back injury also meant hot yoga was a no brainier for improved recovery as I’m working my way back! I’ve embraced it, and I can’t see myself letting it go any time soon! The past 6 or so weeks I’ve gone almost solidly every Wednesday and Saturday, it’s strangely addictive. Don’t get me wrong by what I’m about to say next, it certainly is a tough workout setting you back around 500-600 calories easily within the hour but I’m not there for a physical workout. I’m there for me. And only me! I recently noticed that I have zero idea who’s been coming and going to that class! Aside from the instructor I’ve no idea, the reason? I’ve been practicing with my eyes closed more and more, only opening to check form or to check the instructors form and how I should be doing it. It’s about me and centring me on the now. If you’re new:

  • Bring water, lots of water
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Stay away from the heaters, centre of the room or near the door (you get a small breeze if you’re lucky) are best
  • Bring an open mind and a willingness to improve yourself.

For me, it remains one of two places in my life where I feel free!

A book I’m reading…

The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris – if you’ve been following me awhile you’ll already know that I’m a big fan of Tims Blog and Podcast. Bought his book a few weeks back and have been saving it until I had a real chance to sit down and enjoy it. Well I brought it with me on a work trip to Milan this week and it certainly did not disappoint. I’m a slow reader in general, I like to let me mind drift on thought provoking topics but I can not put this book down. I fully expect it will change my life. I’ll report back in a few weeks…

Four Hour Work Week


A recent fitness enabling purchase…

It’s after getting frickin’ cold lads, and I like to get outdoors! Over the last couple of weeks I’ve skipped a few outdoorsy type things that I wanted to do because I couldn’t find my jacket. Walking to the gym in the morning was also a pain due to the cold. Honestly it was becoming easier and easier to stay in bed. Well long story short I bought myself a lovely new Trespass jacket. It’s warm, wind proof and rain proof. I’ve removed a ready made excuse from my life, hurray!! Also Trespass have a sale at the moment for all your outdoorsy needs:

Trespass Sale

A Radio station I’m listening to…

No time for podcasts this week as I’ve been up the walls with work but instead I’ve managed to well and truly get my Christmas buzz on with the recent return of Christmas FM. In the car to and from work and just in case you’re trying to get away from Christmas you big humbug you, there is also an app which gives you 24 hour coverage. Get on it and get your Christmas on f**kers 😊

Frequencies, Live listening and App available here on the Christmas FM Website:
Christmas FM


A quote I’m thinking about…

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect” – Mark Twain

Time to pause and reflect on a number of items this week!


Eat Right, Train Hard, Enjoy Life, Have a Top Weekend!



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