FacelessFitness.com Gym Tips #5 -Basic Gyms and Alternative Exercises

When you are serious about training the first thing you need to do is find a good well equipped gym. Golds has certainly set the standard in terms of size and equipment, but Ireland and UK have really stepped things now up over the last number of years. Strength and Fitness, FlyeFit, Raw, Ben Dunne, and Dennehys in Cork (to name but a few) have really stepped up their game in terms of service to their customers. The range of equipment in these gyms really is impressive and it’s difficult to do a bad session with so much at your disposal. I can only recommend what I know and if you are serious about lifting check out each of these on a free trial and decide what’s best for you (I have a favourite and I love it!).

The above gyms have everything you could ever need, Continue reading


100000 Reps

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By the end of 2016, I have committed to completing 100000 repetitions in aid of suicide and self-harm support and prevention. Every single workout out rep will be posted to my Instagram account @FacelessFitGuy and any money raised will go directly to Pieta House.

In Ireland, like many other countries, suicide and self harm are still very much taboo subjects. Continue reading