FacelessFitness.com Gym Tips #4:”Rest Time” – and why you need to keep it bespoke

A lot of programmes out there build strict rest times directly into the programme, while rest is an essential part of any good training regime, a structured rest pattern may actually be holding you back. For me personal trainers that provide a generic rest template (which lets be honest is always 1minute rest at the end of each set) are not providing a high level of service to their client. Generic Rest times are nearly always a good indicator that the remainder of your programme is also generic.  Continue reading


FacelessFitness.com Gym Tips #3 – “DOMS”: What it is & how to use the term!

If you have ever seriously found yourself on a gym programme or in a gym in any part of the world you have without a doubt both experienced and heard the term “DOMS”. Despite the frequency of use, particularly on social media, it remains surprising to me how many people misuse the acronym. A couple of years ago DOMS were just a painful by product of a seriously good gym session, now it appears to be the ‘in’ term for anyone that’s ever picked up a Dumbbell.

A genuine conversation that I saw online recently went something like this:
Gym goer 1: “O these DOMS are killing me from today’s session!”
Gym goer 2: “OMG Gymgoer 1 Continue reading

Day 41: Weights – Legs, Cardio – 40 mins med intensity

It’s Saturday here at faceless fitness.com which means I have a little more time than I’ve had all week to get my session in! I want to get a long cardio and also smash my legs. It’s been a tough week with work and was also fixing some programmes for different online clients today, but now it’s my time to get focus and do this! Continue reading

Day 40: Weights – Back & Biceps, Cardio – 25 min Low Intensity x 2

What a week, I made it to Friday! It’s Back & Biceps tonight and I plan on really smashing it. I’m not using my regular gym so will switch up the workout with some more dumbbell exercises and really smash it through. Let’s do it!

Total Workout Time: 1 hr 4 mins (Excluding Cardio)

Weights Workout – Back & Biceps

Exercise 1: Wide Grip Pull Down
10 reps @ 60 Kg – Warm Up
10 reps @ 80 Kg Continue reading

Day 39: Weights – Rest Day, Cardio – 25 min Low Intensity x 2

I’m not going to dwell on it, I worked from 8am to 8.30 pm today so gym was out! I walked to and from to get my cardio in and will push my back and biceps ession until tomorrow!

Short and sweet that is Day 39’s blog post, unlike the actual day!


Day 38: Weights – Chest & Triceps, Cardio – 25 min Low Intensity x 2

38 days in…yeeeeow! It’s Chest & Triceps today. Continuing the trend of the last couple of days, my life is busy. I made sure to get my cardio in to and from work and have prepared myself to do a snappy session tonight as I may not have full gym access time!

Total Workout Time: 40 mins (Excluding Cardio)

Weights Workout: Chest & Triceps

Exercise 1: Chest Fly – Pyramid Set
30 reps @ 53.5 Kg – no rest
20 reps @ 63.5 Kg – no rest
10 reps @ 65 Kg
1 min rest
10 reps @65 Kg – no rest
20 reps @ 50 kg – no rest
30 reps @ 30 Kg
Comment: Yeah really good, Feel like I’ve really failed out the muscle already! Good! Continue reading

Day 37: Weights – Rest Day, Cardio – 25 min Low Intensity x2

This work life ain’t getting any easier. I got home last night after travelling at around 1 am, straight to bed and up this morning for work around 7 am. It ain’t easy. I had a feeling today was going to be equally as bust as last week so have continued with walking a portion of my trip to work. This ensures that I get my cardio in even if I am working late. Continue reading

Day 36: Weights – Rest Day, Cardio – 30 min Low Intensity + 3 Sprints

It’s the beginning of week 6 and things are right on track despite some hectic days over the last week. I’m off work today as I have some personal commitments which will take up most of the day and I also need to travel a few hours also. It will be busy but I have enough time to get in around 45 minutes cardio which I’m going to switch up a little.

Today I’m going to walk 15 minutes to a hill that I know. The hill is around 150 metres from bottom to top. The gradient is around 20-30 meters, I think looking visually but how the heck do you calculate that I don’t know.

It’s just 3 full sprints for 150 metres uphill, walk down and go again immediately, easy right? Continue reading

Day 35; Weights – Shoulders, Traps & Abs, Cardio – 30 x Stairs Sprints

Its the end of week 5 here at facelessfitness.com and it’s a training day. I’m travelling later today and hoping it won’t take 5 hours like last week 😦 But this means I’m going to train in the morning before I go, in case anything comes up later which means I can’t train. It is the last day of week 5 and tomorrow is a no training day so I really want to smash it!

Total Workout Time: 1 hr 1 mins

Continue reading

Day 34: Weights – Legs, Back & Biceps, Cardio – 25 min Low Intensity

It’s a big one! I think I got last night perfectly right, I had a great sleep and actually didn’t wake for around 12 hours, I was tired. Now that I’m up I feel awesome and really mentally motivated to hit the gym. I’m going to move last nights Back & Biceps workout to today but keep my planned Legs workout also. I usually don’t like to do this, but since it’s a Saturday and I have the time, Why not. I’ve had two days rest from weights so my body is fresh! Lets do it!

Total workout Time: 1 hr 37 mins

Weights Workout: Legs, Back & Biceps

Exercise 1: Chin Up’s
10 reps  – Wide Grip
8 reps  – Reverse Grip
8 reps – Wide Grip
8 reps – Reverse Grip
Comment: Excellent start, Continue reading