Faceless Friday 12/01/18

Happy New year, been a hectic couple of weeks with training, work and cooking meals.

It’s 2018, lets do this

A Supplement I’m taking…

I take many supplements but this week I want to note what I believe is the most important one at this time of year when you doing intense weight training. I’m not fucking around with this one, you absolutely do need them or you will lose time this January through illness. I am of course talking about your daily vitamins. Resistance training couple with cold and changeable weather will have affect on the bodies immune system. You can be training hard and bang over night you’re hit with and flu symptoms…runny nose, cough, sneezing and then one of two things will happen. 1) you power through and train anyway but you don’t have the energy or focus to really put it in and likely push yourself towards no. 2 anyway. 2) 2-3 days rest from training

Avoidance is key to maximising your January training.

I take the following, note I don’t worry about over recommended dosages for these vitamins at this time of your:

1) Morning

  • 3 Vit D
  • 2 Vit C
  • 1 Vit B
  • 2 Alpha male
  • 2 Fish Oils
  • 2 Calcium & Magnesium
  • Nutri-Green Shake

2) Post any training

  • 1 Vit C
  • 1 Alpha man

Come at me sickness 😁 Continue reading