Day 21: Weights – Back & Biceps, Cardio – 20 mins Intervals

It’s the final day of week 3 and for me (and you) it’s a training day. Today we’re looking to smash our Back and Biceps and really round off a great third week of training. Yesterday rest day has served me very well as a recovery day. I still have some muscle soreness in my calves but will push through to complete my interval training. To the gym…

Total Workout Time: 1 hr 9 mins

Faceless Fitness - back & Biceps

Weights Workout: Back & Biceps
Exercise 1: Wide Grip Chin Up’s Continue reading


Week 3: Plan & Goal

Week 2 quick review: Happy with my progress for week 2, really getting into the gym routine now and feel that I did very well to push myself on every single set. I’ve put on some good muscle over the week and maintained my weight around even, this was certainly due to the extra muscle mass but also the alcohol consumed on the Saturday. For phase 1 of this gym programme we’re really trying to pack on as much size as possible while also cutting down weight in a sustainable fashion. It is essential that you measure Continue reading

Week 2: Plan & Goal

Week 1 quick review: Perfect week one of my facelessfitness gym programme, dropped 5lbs with any change to my diet and added in a couple of protein shakes and creatine to feed the muscles. By no means a clean week but great progress. Muscles very sore this week all over my body but some definite improvements needed, I need to make sure I’m pushing myself on every set! At the every of every set you have to ask yourself did you push yourself hard enough, could you have done one more rep? did you give it everything? If not, make a note of it and make you you up the weight for the next session! Don’t adjust your rep range, adjust your weight first! It was the first week so you won’t know your body well enough to hit your max on every set, but make notes of how you feel! Overall very have with week one of my new fitness programme. 🙂

Week 2 The Plan:
Day 8: Weights – Rest Day, Cardio – Sprint Intervals: Stairs
Day 9: Weights Back & Biceps, Cardio – 40 min medium Intensity
Day 10: Weight – Legs, Cardio – 20 min Low Intensity
Day 11: Weights – Shoulders & Abs, Cardio – 20 min Sprint Intervals
Day 12: Weights – Rest Day, Cardio – 40 min Medium Intensity
Day 13: Weights – Chest & Triceps, Cardio – 20 min Low Intensity
Day 14: Weights – Back & Biceps, Cardio – 20 min Sprint Intervals

The Goal: Continue reading

Week 1: Planned Training & Goal

The Plan:
Day 1: Weights – Chest & Triceps, Cardio – 20 min low intensity
Day 2: Weights – Back & Biceps, Cardio – 20 Min Intervals
Day 3: Weights – Rest Day, Cardio: 40 Min Medium Intensity
Day 4: Weights – Legs, Cardio – 20 min low Intensity
Day 5: Weights – Shoulders Traps & Abs, Cardio – 20 Min Sprint Intervals
Day 6: Weights – Rest Day, Cardio – 40 Min Medium Intensity
Day 7: Weights – Chest & Triceps, Cardio – 20 Min low Intensity

The Goal:
The first week is usually Continue reading