The mindset shift to morning weight training…

For the longest time I convinced myself that morning weight training wasn’t for me, sure running or walking in the morning sets you up for the day but weight training…No Way! It just doesn’t suit my body. It makes me feel ill. I can’t push myself as hard. I’m too tired to perform mentally at work later in the day. All of these were legitimate excuses that I kept to keep me out of morning weight training where at all possible. All of this based on some poor morning performances I had previously resulting in some or all of the above on the one day through lack of preparation.

Roll forward to my latest programme, and I just cannot get enough of the morning training. I feel absolutely great and here’s why:

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Gym Tips #6 – Record, Review, Record…The importance of gym notes

Notepads come in all shapes and sizes, from little detective flip pads to A4 diaries. Over the last few years I’ve used both and a range in between. For the record I’ve settled on the most practical A5 size with ring flip binder and a plastic cover. The hardback is better and more durable but I’ve always felt like a bit of a schoolboy writing my notes into a proper book, a bit too formal for a busy gym. The ring bind allows you to keep the size A5 by folding the pages around. The plastic cover is a lesson you will learn through spillage, my god I’ve spilled a lot of crap on my gym book, that coupled with the fact it’s usually in my gym bag makes the plastic essential.

All of this probably sounds a bit mad, but you should be proud of your gym book. If used correctly it will be the key to your success! Continue reading

Success – 5 thoughts and why you should be a sweet potato

The New Zealand modern day rugby teams mantra is “No D**kheads” and for me it’s so simple and perfect. Don’t be a d**khead. Greater emphasis is placed on strength of character rather than raw ability. Many exceptionally talented young New Zealanders have been passed over for the international team due to how they conduct themselves. Above all a responsibility to represent the jersey to the best of your ability without compromising the team values. Read Legacy by James Kerr, it’s amazing.

For me being successful is everything. As you grow your measure for success must also, if 5 years when I was leaving college someone told me I would be in the career position I am now I couldn’t have imagined it. My Salary has increased 8 times in the last 5 years and only last week I requested a 9th as my company attempt to make me permanent 13 months ahead of schedule – I’ve made an impact. But is any of that success? No. Money is money and how much you have means nothing to me. Imagine you have a school reunion tomorrow with all of your old class mates, friends, enemies, the rest. When asked what have you being doing with yourself will the first line be: well in 2016 I’ve made €X how about you? I really hope not. But what would you say? What are the points you want to make about yourself to people to showcase your success. If you’re fresh out and you can’t answer that, it’s time to act, time to be a success!

“The Sweet Potato does not need to tell you how sweet it is” – Legacy James Kerr

Now I’m not saying be a sweet potato but what a humble b*****d of a vegetable.

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When you are serious about training the first thing you need to do is find a good well equipped gym. Golds has certainly set the standard in terms of size and equipment, but Ireland and UK have really stepped things now up over the last number of years. Strength and Fitness, FlyeFit, Raw, Ben Dunne, and Dennehys in Cork (to name but a few) have really stepped up their game in terms of service to their customers. The range of equipment in these gyms really is impressive and it’s difficult to do a bad session with so much at your disposal. I can only recommend what I know and if you are serious about lifting check out each of these on a free trial and decide what’s best for you (I have a favourite and I love it!).

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100000 Reps

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By the end of 2016, I have committed to completing 100000 repetitions in aid of suicide and self-harm support and prevention. Every single workout out rep will be posted to my Instagram account @FacelessFitGuy and any money raised will go directly to Pieta House.

In Ireland, like many other countries, suicide and self harm are still very much taboo subjects. Continue reading

Week 6: Recap

A hectic week by all accounts but managed to stay true to my training and plan. A real clash of work commitments couple with gym goals, this was a testing week but I’ve come through it more motivated than ever. My body is really beginning to kick itself into shape and a few additional minor adjustments should really amplify the results I’m seeing, I’m right where I want to be! It’s the half way point and I must say I’m enjoying the training as much as ever, no lapse, and this has to hold in the next 6 weeks as work is becoming nuts again.

Really happy that I am continuing to push myself not just in every workout but in every rep!

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Dieting, work and using Lent to my advantage

Lent is upon us, and being the good little catholic that I am I decided to give up a few of my favourite things, which by no coincidence at all (If God is watching) coincides directly with my fitness goals!

My diet in general is quite good but presents two different challenges as I transition from working week to weekend!


In work, it’s all about meetings; planned meetings, unplanned meetings, meetings that run over…why o why do they always run over! 😡 Typically at a conservative estimate I probably find myself in meetings between 20 and 25 hours a week, maybe more! As a result it can be hard to regulate my meals! I figured that meals requiring forks are out when flexibility is needed! Sandwiches with whole grain bread and a chicken breast has become the option to ensure I eat! I have grown quite comfortable pulling my lunch out in senior management meetings! On the plus side it makes it look like I work really hard, which I do 👍 Continue reading

Week 5: Recap

Fantastic Training Week…Very Happy! Really feel the progression in every part of my body and beginning to really feel strong. The progress is becoming evident.

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Week 5:
Measurements check in after 35 days:

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Week 4: Recap

Week 4 was a fantastic training week, which featured a proper weekend bender at the end of it – unfortunately! Week 4 represents the final week of phase 1 of my programme, 8 weeks to go!

Very happy with progress to date, beginning to position myself to attack my personal bests!

I Feel Strong!

Captain Morgans + 5 mixers for 60 euro…I have some of that I thought three different times over the weekend…fml!

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