Day 28 Weights – Legs, Cardio – 30 min Low Intensity

Its the end of week 4 here at and we’re finishing with Legs and a 30 minute walk. I will be going drinking for the last time today, so it’s important I really put in in this morning on this workout. The FacelessFitness Programme allows alcohol up to the end of the fourth week, in moderation! but then no drinking for the remaining 8 weeks. I’m home and meeting some old friend so it could get interesting, however I’m here to smash legs. I’m using a different gym today again, it’s pay as you go and one I use a lot when I’m home. Should be a little quieter too on a bank-holiday sunday! Lets do this.

FacelessFitness Legs

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Day 17: Weights – Legs, Cardio – 20 min low Intensity

Finally after 2 days off from the weights I make it back to the gym. This makes me very happy! It’s Legs day at and I plan on really smashing it today. Legs are such an important area to train well, Hamstrings, Glutes & Quads are all big muscle groups meaning that they training them properly will really aid your weight loss goals as well as look great!

To the gym, and I’m pretty excited about it!

Faceless Fitness Workout

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Day 10: Weights – Legs, Cardio – 20 min Low Intensity

Tough back & biceps sessions has my back a little sore this morning, a good sore, a I’ve worked hard sore, not an injury sore. Today is legs day for the facelessfitness gym programme and I’m really looking forward to it, I absolutely smashed my legs 6 days ago and looking forward to doing the very same tonight. I was up late typing up day 9 and only got around 4.5 hours sleep so may need to call on a pre workout to get me through this evening, I don’t used pre workouts every time I go to the gym as I feel the effect can plateau. But sometimes when you need a kick it can be really good!

Total Workout Time: 1 hr 1mins
Cardio: 20 min Low intensity – Cross Trainer
Straight forward 20 mins non stop at a moderate to light level. Nice sweat and short to. Remember to do your cardio every day on this gym programme!
Cardio Mood: GET ME TO THE WEIGHTS! Calories burned: 141
Weights Workout: Legs
Exercise 1 – Squat
10 reps @ 60Kg – Warm up

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Day 4: Weights – Legs, Cardio – 20 min low intensity

Day 4: Leg day is upon me, and I really feel lucky as my upper body is in tatters from Day 1 – Chest and Triceps and Day 2 – Back & Biceps. In particular my chest and triceps are ruined, even now writing this they still feel sore, success?! 🙂 The cardio activity every day is also taking it’s toll on my Legs, however I’m mentally focused and ready to smash my Leg workout!

Total Workout Time: 1 hr 8 minutes

Cardio: 20 minute low intensity workout on the Cross-trainer,

I usually like to complete my cardio prior to doing my weights work but as this is Leg day, I want my legs to be as fresh as possible when I hit the weights. As a result I pushed tonight’s cardio to the end of the workout. I chose the Cross-trainer as I find it easier on my joints and less taxing on my legs than the bike or treadmill. It was relatively easy to keep my heart rate up and keep a consistent pace for the 20 minutes. After my weights session below I felt that a bike or running session would result in me needing to stop, probably more than once!
Cardio Mood: Good way to round off leg day, Feel satisfied that I have put in a great session.

Weights Work Out: Legs
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