Faceless Friday – 01/12/17

Happy Friday!!!

A Purchase for under €20 that everyone should own…

Actually going to double this up as I got both for under €20 in none other than Mr. Price. Anyhoo for starters every single person should own a whiteboard which you hang in your room or somewhere extremely visible in your house. For me thoughts are only thoughts until you write them down! Writing them in a diary or book is ok but it’s hidden away, instead putting in out there and visible, if only to yourself, is a power shift in how you look at things you think about! Write anything, leave it awhile and see how you feel, see what grows! I like it in my bedroom as I can reflect before sleep and often in the morning something new comes. Write your goal, look at it everyday, it makes early morning training much much easier, believe me.

The second item is a calendar with enough space to write notes for everyday, use it to plan your days, weeks and months leading to that goal.

Whiteboard – €7.99 Mr. Price
Calendar – €6.99 Mr Price

Here are mine (Getting ready for 2018)!


A Podcast episode I’m listening to…

The ‘Strength and Scotch’ podcast…straight off the bat, what a concept, all these guys do is talk about different scotches and workout techniques! Fucking awesome! I’m new to listening to these guys but the below episode speaks about the optimal rep range for building mass. At 30 minutes long it’s a pretty low commitment, I’ll definitely be checking out more of these guys

Strength & Scotch – Episode SS154 – Training for Gains


A Supplement I’m taking…

ZMA – awesome product, helps to promote restful sleep and boost testosterone levels. Worrying fact for men is that testosterone levels have reduced by 1% every year since the 1950’s with the UK and Ireland overall having much reduced levels. If you think your granddad had more pep in his step, he sure fucking did. But in all seriousness stress related to the pace of lives these days also is a factor, being constantly logged on, being constantly tired at the pace of life is something we all need to control. ZMA helps to give you restful sleep when you get the opportunity. It doesn’t give you more sleep or extra energy when you wake but it does help to give you a better quality sleep. It’s two main ingredients, Zinc and Magnesium have well proven health benefits particularly for men, you can see this for yourself without much googling! My brand is myProtein but ZMA pretty much is what it is from any supplier!

Notable side effects for me:
– Waking up with drool on the pillow
– Crazy fucking dreams
– Massive morning hard on


A general product I’m using…

I used to be a tough guy, but hey it’s gotten cold recently, and I’m still a tough guy but I had to purchase some chap! My lips done got themselves chapped. I actually went to buy the toughest guy chap I could find, got one with a picture of a guy with a beard on it because you know I’m a tough guy…but it was useless. Then I thought to myself, you know who knows about lip products…women, they got glosses and sticks and balms. So I bought caramex, problem solved!!!



A quote I’m thinking about…

“Nobody gives it to you, you’ve got to take it”

This line actually comes from the opening speech in the movie ‘The Departed’, The context is maybe somewhat different in the movie but the quote itself is something which I firmly believe. Nobody is going to give you any of the things that you really want, instead work hard to get yourself into position and when the time is right YOU have to take it!

Eat right, Train hard, Enjoy life, Have a top weekend!



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