Day 36: Weights – Rest Day, Cardio – 30 min Low Intensity + 3 Sprints

It’s the beginning of week 6 and things are right on track despite some hectic days over the last week. I’m off work today as I have some personal commitments which will take up most of the day and I also need to travel a few hours also. It will be busy but I have enough time to get in around 45 minutes cardio which I’m going to switch up a little.

Today I’m going to walk 15 minutes to a hill that I know. The hill is around 150 metres from bottom to top. The gradient is around 20-30 meters, I think looking visually but how the heck do you calculate that I don’t know.

It’s just 3 full sprints for 150 metres uphill, walk down and go again immediately, easy right? Wrong! The first one was actually fine, felt good. and the second one although I struggled the last couple of metres wasn’t actually that bad. However the third one….I got around 50 metres and my lungs felt maxed out, i was blowing hard, my legs like jelly and also my back was kind of sore, by 100 metres I was going a clearly slower pace than the previous 2 sprints. I walk over the line and was bent over to grab my breath. I take a few seconds break and begin to walk home.

On the way I had to stop twice more, I was maxed out. Even by the time I got home I was still trying to properly catch my breath. Now that’s a nice cardio session 🙂



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