FacelessFitness.com Gym Tips #3 – “DOMS”: What it is & how to use the term!

If you have ever seriously found yourself on a gym programme or in a gym in any part of the world you have without a doubt both experienced and heard the term “DOMS”. Despite the frequency of use, particularly on social media, it remains surprising to me how many people misuse the acronym. A couple of years ago DOMS were just a painful by product of a seriously good gym session, now it appears to be the ‘in’ term for anyone that’s ever picked up a Dumbbell.

A genuine conversation that I saw online recently went something like this:
Gym goer 1: “O these DOMS are killing me from today’s session!”
Gym goer 2: “OMG Gymgoer 1 you are so into the gym now, What the hell are DOMS?”
Gym goer 1:  ” lol thanks, its just muscle soreness you get after the gym”
Gym goer 2: “o ok lol, we need to go to the gym soon”

Word for word the conversation…I find it hilarious, let’s see why 😂

“DOMS” is an acrynom for “Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness”

It’s a specific type of muscle soreness which occurs as a direct result of weight training, the soreness you experience is the bodies reaction to the controlled muscle damage which you have exposed it to in the gym! DOMS occur not on the next day after training but the second day after training and peak between the second and third day. The DOMS always seems worse in the first week or two of a new training programme but if you keep pushing your weight training you will experience it all of the time to varying degrees.

Stiffness and Soreness two days after training, these are your DOMS. Quite frankly if you are experiencing  any kind of real pain or soreness immediately after training (which I hear people refer to as DOMS), I would be concerned that you have injured something, as really around that time you should still be feeling the pump 👍

Google or Wikipedia can give you all the advice or definitions of DOMS that you need in addition to my piece above but let’s just tighten up in our use of the term 👍

Remember if you got the DOMS, you’re doing it right!



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