Day 1 – Weights: Chest & Triceps, Cardio: 20 min low intensity

Day 1 – Chest & Triceps

It begins! Feeling absolutely fantastic to get back to the gym.”Weights I’m going to smash you” I say to myself (and shout in peoples faces), jk! But I am excited, lets do this! Check out my workout below and remember make every set count!

Cardio: 20 minute walk
Cardio Mood: Exactly what I needed to ease back into the gym, not at all difficult and burned some calories, Great!

Weights Work Out: Chest & Triceps
Exercise 1: Chest Press
Warm Up: 12 reps @ 60Kg
12 reps @ 100 Kg
12 Reps @ 104.5 Kg (Max weight in this gym)
12 reps @ 104.5 Kg (Max weight in this gym)
Comment: Good, however hitting max weight on day 1 will be no good for progress, new gym needed or alternatively up reps next time out!

Exercise 2: Chest Press – Drop

10 reps @ 90 Kg – No rest drop weight
10 Reps @ 70 Kg – No rest drop weight
10 reps @ 60 Kg
Comment: Very Tough, great burn

15 reps @ 60 Kg – No rest drop weight
15 Reps @ 40 Kg
Comment: 60Kg was too light and too great a drop to 40, Did not maximise this set. Move on and correct it next time out

Exercise 3: Push ups to fail
Already quite burnt out on my Chest, Aim to do as many push up’s keeping form as possible, and then drop to knee’s to complete an additional 5 (girly push up’s 🙂 )
Set 1: 20 full, 5 half
Set 2: 14 full, 5 half
Set 3: 12 full, 5 half
Comment: Good finish to my chest work out, Triceps definitely activated now also.

Exercise 4: Overhead Dumbbell Triceps Extension – 2 handed
12 reps @ 20 Kg
12 Reps @ 20 Kg
12 reps @ 20 Kg
Comment: Manageable, did not get the most from this exercise, need to up weight or switch to single arm

Exercise 5: Giant Set – Rockers/Skull Crushers/Reverse Press/Overhead Extension – 2 handed
This is an extremely effective giant set, perform each exercise for 10 reps in a row (total 40 reps) without stopping. Use a barbell or mini barbell (with weight) and lay flat on the bench for the first 3 variations, sit up and complete close grip overheads to finish…I couldn’t on set two!

Set 1: 10/10/10/10 @ 20 Kg
Set 2: 10/10/10/5 @ 20 Kg
Comment: Great exercise, triceps are on fire

Exercise 6: Bench Triceps Dips to fail, Dumbbell Kickbacks to fail
Dips: failed at 12, Dumbbell Kickbacks: 12 reps @ 8 Kg
Comment: Good finish

Weights Mood: And that’s it, day ones training is complete, I am a sweaty sweaty boy. Some rust on the exercises and a definite issue with breathing throughout the workout, too often holding my breath under pressure.

All things considered it feels awesome! Leave a comment let me know what you think or any questions on any of the exercises!



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