Day 4: Weights – Legs, Cardio – 20 min low intensity

Day 4: Leg day is upon me, and I really feel lucky as my upper body is in tatters from Day 1 – Chest and Triceps and Day 2 – Back & Biceps. In particular my chest and triceps are ruined, even now writing this they still feel sore, success?! 🙂 The cardio activity every day is also taking it’s toll on my Legs, however I’m mentally focused and ready to smash my Leg workout!

Total Workout Time: 1 hr 8 minutes

Cardio: 20 minute low intensity workout on the Cross-trainer,

I usually like to complete my cardio prior to doing my weights work but as this is Leg day, I want my legs to be as fresh as possible when I hit the weights. As a result I pushed tonight’s cardio to the end of the workout. I chose the Cross-trainer as I find it easier on my joints and less taxing on my legs than the bike or treadmill. It was relatively easy to keep my heart rate up and keep a consistent pace for the 20 minutes. After my weights session below I felt that a bike or running session would result in me needing to stop, probably more than once!
Cardio Mood: Good way to round off leg day, Feel satisfied that I have put in a great session.

Weights Work Out: Legs
Exercise 1: Barbell Squat10 reps @ 60 Kg – Warm Up
10 reps @ 90 Kg
10 Reps @ 110 Kg
10 reps @ 110 Kg
Comment:Great start, I genuinely feel beat already, really feeling it in my Hamstrings and Glutes. Need to watch my form on final set, definitely not getting low enough for my final 4 reps due to form.

Exercise 2: Leg Press
10 reps @ 130 Kg
10 reps @ 200 Kg

Giant Set: Begin at bottom of the plate and move feet up a couple of inches every 10 reps. Total 40 reps no rest. Each set of 10 will work a specific part of your legs.
Lowest:10 reps @ 120 Kg – no rest
Medium Low: 10 reps @ 120 Kg
Medium High: 10 reps @ 120 Kg
Highest: 10 reps @ 120 Kg
Comment:Very Tough, every muscle is hurting right now!

Exercise 3: Lying Hamstring Curl
Set 1 – Drop Set
10 reps @ 25 Kg
10 Reps @ 20 Kg
10 reps @ 15 Kg

Set 2 – Drop Set
10 reps @ 30 Kg
10 Reps @ 20 Kg
10 reps @ 10 Kg
Comment:I am spent, these weights are quite light but the prior exercises mean there is a huge burn from these dropsets. Felt the first set start weight was light so upped it to 30Kg, but took bigger drops (because I had to). Note to self: I hate the lying hamstring curl machine!

Exercise 4: Leg Extension
Set 1 – Drop Set
10 reps @ 30 Kg
10 Reps @ 25 Kg
10 reps @ 20 Kg

Set 2 – Drop Set
10 reps @ 30 Kg
10 Reps @ 25 Kg
10 reps @ 20 Kg
Comment:Second set here was particularly tough. Again light weights but very effective to get everything from the muscles.

Exercise 5: Weighted Calf Extension
Use a barbell to add the weight and a small step to ensure you get the full range of movement for the calves.
10 reps @ 40 Kg
10 Reps @ 40 Kg
10 reps @ 40 Kg
Comment:Good calf finisher, could probably have managed more weight here but was using a free standing barbell. Will complete this exercise using the smith machine next time to ensure isolation of the calf.

Weights Mood: Great session, My legs are really spent. Walking upstairs to do my cardio was a proper struggle. I feel the pain over the next day or two will be bad. But it’s great, proper legs session done and dusted!

Waddle, waddle, waddle, waddle…

Any questions on any of the exercises please let me know.

Completed Workout:

Day 4 Workout



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