Day 17: Weights – Legs, Cardio – 20 min low Intensity

Finally after 2 days off from the weights I make it back to the gym. This makes me very happy! It’s Legs day at and I plan on really smashing it today. Legs are such an important area to train well, Hamstrings, Glutes & Quads are all big muscle groups meaning that they training them properly will really aid your weight loss goals as well as look great!

To the gym, and I’m pretty excited about it!

Faceless Fitness Workout

Total Workout Time: 1 hr 7 mins
Cardio: 20 min Low intensity – Treadmill Walk
Straight forward 20 mins non stop at a low level. I add an incline to make it more difficult which works up a better sweat but really I’m here to hit legs so don’t want to be burned out before I get to the weights. Remember to do your cardio every day on this gym programme!
Cardio Mood: 20 mins, easy!
Weights Workout: Legs
Exercise 1 – Squat
10 reps @ 60Kg – Warm up
8 reps @ 100Kg – Warm up
6 reps @ 140Kg
6 reps @ 140Kg
Comment: Good Squat, 140 Kg isn’t bad but about 90 Kg below my personal best, I really feel I have more in me…need to eeek this up over the next few sessions.
Exercise 2 -Squat – Giant Set
10 reps with a wide stance, 10 reps in regular stance, 10 reps in narrow stance, No rest in between. Squat as low as possible
Wide – 10 reps @ 60Kg – No Rest
Regular – 10 reps @ 60Kg – No Rest
Narrow – 10 reps @ no wight
Comment: Very tough, particularly on the last 10. get as low as possible but no bouncing, tended to creep in when I got tired. Slowly down, power up! Good.
Exercise 3 – Leg Press -Incline Squat
10 reps @ 80 Kg – No rest
10 reps @ 120 Kg – No rest
10 reps @ 160 Kg
Comment:  Actually had not come across this variation of squat machine before, After some trouble with the lever, I decided I can do a lot more weight of this next time out.
Exercise 4 – Leg Press -Incline Squat High Plate (Glutes) – Dropset
For this you need to get your feet right to the top of the plate. this will restrict your knee movement and focus the exercise on your glutes
15 reps @ 120 Kg – No rest
15 reps @ 80 Kg – No rest
15 reps @ 40 Kg
Comment:  Really great exercise for glutes, I know the pain is coming for these! Great stuff!
Exercise 5 – Leg Extension – Drop Sets
10 reps, drop weight, 10 reps, drop weight, 10 reps – No rest
Set 1:
10 reps @ 40 Kg – No rest
10 reps @ 30 Kg – No rest
10 reps @ 20 Kg
Comment: Nice Finisher for Quads!
Exercise 5 – Lying Hamstring Curl – Drop Sets
10 reps, drop weight, 10 reps, drop weight, 10 reps – No rest
Set 1:
10 reps @ 40Kg – No rest
10 reps @ 30 Kg – No rest
10 reps @ 20 Kg
Comment: Deep burn in my hamstrings. Happy with this as a finisher.
Exercise 6 – Walking Lunges

50 reps – No Weight

Comment: Find a long free space in the gym and start lunge walking! 50 reps no rest! I am absolutely smashed! Fantasic! My quads are on fire
Weights Mood: Very good workout, the lunges at the end killed me! I waddled from the gym which is exactly where I want to be.
Still need to ensure the weights are challenging me every set, Squats weight needs to go up and definitely have a lot more in my press. Challenge yourself every set.

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