Day 2 – Weights: Back & Biceps, Cardio: 20 min Intervals

Day 2 – Back & Biceps

Woke up this morning feeling quite good, DOMS are not due to kick in for another day or so. It’s back and Biceps today, the back is a large area and usually one of my longer workouts, I know the gym I am attending does not contain a large barbell so will need to improvise without the ability to deadlift. Looking forward to he gym all day!

Cardio: 20 minute Intervals on Threadmill

4 x 5 minute cycles
1st min: Walk
2nd min: light Jog
3rd min: Jog
4th min: Light run
5th min: Sprint
repeat 4 times not rest (aside from walk minute)
Cardio Mood: Sweaty!! Intervals are always tough, heart rate peaked at around 185 bpm, just shy of 300 cals in 20 mins, great way to start my workout.

Weights Work Out: Back & Biceps
Exercise 1: Single Arm Dumbbell Row
10 reps @ 25 Kg (Max weight in this gym)
10 Reps @ 25 Kg (Max weight in this gym)
10 reps @ 25 Kg (Max weight in this gym)
Comment: Nice Exercise, lats warmedup with a little burn. unfortunately max dumbbell size hit, I need a new gym asap!

Exercise 2: Reverse Fly
Great exercise for hitting the lower portion of the Traps (between shoulder blades)
12 reps @ 30 Kg
12 Reps @ 35 Kg
12 reps @ 35 Kg
Comment: Tough, starting to feel it in my triceps from last night, must remember to keep strict form and hit the muscle I want to, not what my body wants to!

Exercise 3: Standing Biceps Curl – Dumbbell
12 reps @ 22.5 Kg
12 Reps @ 22.5 Kg
12 reps @ 22.5 Kg
Comment: Lower weight next time, completely lost form on sets 2 & 3 and did not isolate the biceps

Exercise 4: Wide Grip Pull Down
10 reps @ 50 Kg
10 Reps @ 65 Kg
10 reps @ 70 Kg
Comment: Up the start weight next time, 50Kg was not challenging. Every set counts, not just the last one!

Exercise 5:Reverse Grip Pull Down – Drop Set
10 reps @ 50 Kg – No Rest
6 reps @ 40 Kg – No Rest
9 reps @ 30 Kg
Comment: Good burn 🙂

Exercise 6: Hammer Curls – Drop Sets
2 sets of:
10 reps @ 12.5 Kg – No Rest
10 reps @ 10 Kg – No Rest
10 reps @ 8 Kg
Comment: Great set, biceps hurting, up weights next time, more in the tank.

Exercise 7: Giant Set – Mini Barbel Curl Grip variations
2 sets of:
Wide Grip: 10 reps @ 10 Kg – No Rest
Medium Grip: 10 reps @ 10 Kg – No Rest
Narrow Grip: 10 reps @ 10 Kg
Comment: Great finisher

Weights Mood: And that’s it for day 2, still not happy with my breathing during some exercises but a great workout. I dripped sweat over most of the gym after the intervals, feeling really positive, now home for a shake!

Leave a comment let me know what you think or any questions on any of the exercises!



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