Day 18: Weights – Shoulders, Traps & Abs, Cardio – 5 x 6 Storey Sprints

It’s Thursday of week 3 on the gym programme, Today is shoulders, Traps and Abs day. I really think these muscle groups give you the biggest bang for your buck in terms of completing a real transformation, the shoulders and traps give your upper body real shape, making your frame wider and tshirts hang off you. The Abs will really be achieved through a progressive diet and cardio regime over the next couple of weeks but our aim at this point is to actually build our abdominal muscles so that when we shred down our body fat we have something meaningful to reveal.

Today for Shoulders I’m going to be using the FacelessFitness Pyramid Set technique, This combines high reps and heavy weights and gets really great results, It works really well for shoulders but can also be applied to any muscle group. However trainer beware you do not want to use this technique on every muscle group every time as it will lead to over training.

FacelessFitness Pyramid Set Technique

Total Workout Time: 1 hr 20 mins
Cardio: 5 x 6 storey Sprints
There’s 97 steps to the topof my apartment block and the aim is to hit every one as quickly as possible, These sprints are not about getting to the top quickly by skipping steps, if I went three steps at a time I would get up much quicker but I would not be working as hard. My advice is to sprint as hard as you can for as long as you can. My last 2 sprints I still able to sprint til about the third storey and after that it was a glorified walk. The number of steps won’t change and it’s actually as hard to walk them after the first two sprints, so go for it, Hard as you can for as long as you can. Then maintain to the finish.
Cardio Mood: This really is the hardest sprint training I’ve done. It takes everything to get to the top on the final 2-3 sprints. I lay down at the top for quite some time at the end. Frickin’ awesome! Can I manage 6? I don’t even know!
This is my stairwell…..
FacelessFitness HIIT Sprint Intervals
Weights Workout: Shoulders, Traps & Abs
Exercise 1 – Dumbbell Side Raise – Pyramid Set
30 reps @ 5Kg
20 reps @ 8Kg
10 reps @ 10Kg
1 min rest
10-reps @ 10Kg
20 reps @ 8 Kg
30 reps @ 5 Kg
Comment: Really tough to push out the reps, use the rest and pause technique and alter between single arm and double arm, but get all reps done. Shoulders are already on fire.
Exercise 2 – Dumbbell Front Raise – Pyramid Set
30 reps @ 5Kg
20 reps @ 8Kg
10 reps @ 10Kg
1 min rest
10-reps @ 10Kg
20 reps @ 8 Kg
30 reps @ 5 Kg
Comment: O God, really tough, had to use alternating arm reps here a lot but didn’t rest for more then 1-2 secs at any point. Real pump in my shoulders.
Exercise 3 – Dumbbell Front Raise – Pyramid Set
30 reps @ 10 Kg
20 reps @ 12.5 Kg
10 reps @ 15 Kg
1 min rest
10-reps @ 15Kg
20 reps @ 12.5 Kg
30 reps @ 10 Kg
Comment: Just so tough. really great set. really struggling on the 12.5’s both up and down, and the 15’s were murder, which is amazing as I can easily press around 40 Kg dumbbells when fresh.
Exercise 4 – Giant Set – Reverse Fly Dropset/Dumbbell Shrug Dropset/IYTW
We’re not letting up now, Reverse Fly dropset followed immediately by Dumbell Shrug Dropset and finished with IYTW’s. Rest & Repeat!
Total: 80 reps, yes 80 reps! Get it done, it’s awesome!
10 reps @ 35 Kg – Reverse Fly – No Rest
10 reps @ 25 Kg – Reverse Fly – No Rest
10 reps @ 15 Kg –  Reverse Fly – No Rest
10 reps @ 25 Kg – Dumbbell Shrug – No Rest
10 reps @ 20 Kg – Dumbbell Shrug – No Rest
10 reps @ 15 Kg – Dumbbell Shrug – No Rest
5 reps @ 5 Kg – I’s – No Rest
5 reps @ 5 Kg – Y’s – No Rest
5 reps @ 5 Kg – T’s – No Rest
5 reps @ 5 Kg – W’s – No Rest
Rest – 2 mins
Comment:  Really burned out my Traps on these two sets, It is 80 reps, but the variations mean that it can be done! I’m breathing real heavy. Kind of worried that I’m suppose to plank in a minute, my shoulders and traps will give me no stability.
Exercise 5 – Abs
Set 1: No Rest
Weighted Sit Up: 20 reps @ +15 Kg – No rest
Floor Crunch: 20 reps – No rest
Leg Up: 20 reps – No Rest
Floor Crunch: 20 reps – No Rest
Rest – 1 min
Set 2: No Rest
Plank – 30 secs (As suspected all I could manage)
Side Plank – 30 secs
Bridge – 30 secs
Rest – 1 min
Set 3: No Rest
Weighted Sit Up: 20 reps @ + 15 Kg
Leg Circles:  10 each direction
Weighted Side Reaches: 15 reps each @ + 20 Kg
Quick Twists: 50
Rest – 1 min
Set 4: No Rest
Weighted Sit Up: 20 reps @ + 15 Kg
Leg Up: 20 reps
Russian Twist: 20 reps @ 15 Kg
Mountain Climbers: 20 reps
Rest – 1 min
Comment: Nice Abdominal workout, need to keep pushing my weighted exercises up to keep growing muscle. The no weight exercises are fine for now as they are challenging but will increment this up over the next few sessions. Happy!
Weights Mood: Extremely good workout! I smashed myself tonight are really pushed my body hard on the weights. I was not comfortable at any point which is exactly what you need to get to in every single session. Very satisfied that I’ve done exactly what I need to do.
FacelessFitness Shoulders, Traps & Abs
This is arguably this hardest gym session so far on the gym programme. There was no time to rest, to bam bam bam. Shoulders & Traps are pumped, good Abs session and the Sprints, just try them. Man. I need my bed immediately.

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