Faceless Friday – 24/11/17

What’s up guys, Happy Friday. Here are some bits and pieces from the last week:

An  exercise variation I’m trying out…

Reverse Pull down on the Diverging Lat Pull Down machine – the diverging movement when you flip this exercise around really focuses the attention on the Rhomboid major and lower trap muscle. Aim for your the bottom of the movement to have your hands ending just behind and below your ears! Use lower weight here to ensure you focus on the above mucles, otherwise you will engage the arms much more.

What I’m listening to…

I’ve been a big fan of Tim Ferris’ blog for quite some time but just this week listened to one of his top 10 all time Podcasts featuring Charles Poliquin. What an amazing character, and what an amazing 2 hours or so of content. They speak at length about strength training, what exercises you should forget about, what supplements you should be taking for health benefits, meat eating versus vegan for training, where to go to find medical information…..It really is an amazing listen.

I usually listen to my podcasts while working out but this was one I just couldn’t stop listening to after my session finished. So many tips is here, for sure check it out!!

Tim Ferris – Charles Poliquin episode

What I’m Supplementing…

Apple Cider Vinegar – Perhaps not a supplement in  the mass production protein revolution sense of the word but definitely is something you should check out for it’s health benefits and something which you will not get for your day to day nutrition. Benefits include:

  1. Can kill or prevent bacteria reaching harmful levels
  2. Lowers blood sugar levels (I believe often used to aid type 2 diabetes)
  3. Improves insulin sensitivity
  4. Aids in weight loss but producing a feeling of fullness

I take 30ml’s every morning on an empty stomach. Usually add in some Aloe Vera juice also!

What I’m watching…

It’s all about the Peaky Blinders this week. Second episode of the new series was on Wednesday night and what an episode! For anyone that hasn’t yet seen it, the show is set in Birmingham after world war I and follows the notorious antics of the Peaky Blinders gang led by Tommy Shelby. I recently read that although the gang was real some key details have been switched, for one the gang operated in the late 1800’s, not in the 1920’s and its historically very unlikely that they had razor blades sown into their caps…regardless it is one excellent show which I would definitely recommend.

If you hurry you can catch up on series 1 & 2 on Netflix and stream (looks sideways), the 3rd series over the weekend. Next episode is Wednesday at 9.00 on BBC2.

A quote I’m thinking about…

“When you want to succeed, as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful”

It’s a phrase that I come back to time and time again when looking for motivation in my own life.


Eat right, Train hard, Enjoy life, Have a top weekend!



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