Wearing nothing at all…

There’s a worrying trend becoming more and more popular in the capital and all that I can think of is Ned Flanders – “Feels like I’m wearing nothing at all”


Stupid sexy Flanders! I’m conflicted on the idea of Leggings and nothing but leggings on my male gym goers. Time and a place lads. Time for leggings: Saturday night when you’re hitting the town with you’re 5 inch heels. Time not for leggings: Training arms on a saturday morning for said night out!

I joke!

There is solid science for the use of compression leggings for a range of physical activities but attempting to look the s**t is def not one of them. For me there seems to be a bit of a gender shift in terms of gym self image. The old school man who comes to the gym looking like a guy that fell out of the bed and into the gym no matter what time of the day is in decline. This man is easily identified by the same tshirt he wears day in day out without real Rotation, his hair has no trend other than different variations of messy. Now you got guys with perfect hair, the kinda that’s taking time to blow dry, worried more about the gym trends than lifting heavy. Can you look good n lift heavy absolutely…but is there needless pressure on guys to look good at a time of the day that should be focused on stress free me time! While I see this as negative, the shift in the female space is so much more positive, women seem to be much more focused on training than hair and make up. Which is good! Strangely I think cross fit has really driven this into the mass gym market! But did they bring the male leggings too…

Male or Female you really shouldn’t care, please don’t! Get in and do what you gotta do…mess n all! You’re there to improve, save the style for Friday n Saturday nights!

Anyway back to my real leggings issue. I, due to my faceless nature, usually train alone. As such from time to time when going heavy I require a spotter. My pool of spotters that I can choose from is in serious decline as at all cost you want to avoid ballsface when you’re on the bar. When it comes to shorts, my stance is like a convent schools principal “if it’s not to knee don’t spot for me”

Lets just focus on lifting y’all!







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