Day 12: Weights – Rest Day, Cardio -40 mins Medium Intensity

FacelessFitness Cardio

Today is a non weights training day but that does not mean it’s a free day, I still have a 40 minute medium level intensity cardio session to carry out to complete day 12 of my programme. In addition I’m going to take this opportunity to add some of the softer elements to my programme. Stretching is extremely important, firstly to prevent injuries but secondly to allow your muscles to grow. Try to set aside a couple of minutes each morning and evening to stretch all the main areas of your body, in addition you should always stretch adequately before, after and indeed during any of the workouts. If you work in an office(like me), try to get up and have a short walk and a little stretch every 2 hours maximum. On non weights training days I like to give my body a good stretch, set aside around 20 minutes either in the gym or at home and stretch every muscle, take your time and hold the stretch long enough for your muscle to relax in the stretch, about 30 seconds. My lower back has been extremely tight since the deadlifts and squats earlier in the week, the longer stretches today will help ahead of my session on day 14 for back & biceps. Do not skip the softer elements, stretching, ice baths, massage, steam room, and REST are all important parts in ensuring that your body is able to perform in the harder weights training sessions!

With my stretching completed, it’s time to hit the gym….

Cardio: 40 mins medium Intensity – Threadmill

Pick a pace that you can run at for 40 minutes without stopping, this should be medium intensity, just quicker than jogging, if you can not jog for that long right now jog as far as you can, take a walking rest, and then go again, repeat until you get to 40 mins.
Cardio Mood: Great way to round off a Friday evening. 🙂 The first 15 mins were tough, but around minute 16 I began to feel fantastic, I had genuine feelings that I could run like this forever, my back was loose and it felt great. Enter minute 21 and the shin splint brigade! Not ideal at the half way point, but the splints were not enough to stop me, I ketp going at steady pace the the pain receded after around 10 minutes. Between 30 mins and the finish is best described as the sweaty period, yip sweat everywhere. Luckily for other gym users I always wipe down my machines because this was drenched 🙂 At the end of the 40 minutes I feeling brilliant for having got through it. A very enjoyable Friday night indeed.

Calories burned: 611



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