Day 32: Weights – Rest Day, Cardio: 25 min Low Intensity x 2

I am absolutely up the walls at work. Today is a non training day from a weights perspective but I still need to get my cardio in. I know from yesterday that I’m probably going to be working late again this evening so I need to plan ahead a little. I am tired but the pre planning will mean I get my cardio in despite not really having time to do it.

My commute to work usually takesabout an hour and involves the Luas a certain distance and a bus the rest of the way, However I know that if I don’t take the bus portion that will give me around a 25 minute walk.

Solution: Walk to work, work all day, walk home!

It was perfect, I didn’t get out of work until 8:30 pm so I would not have had the time to get home and then to the gym afterwards.

Sometimes you gota switch your plan a little to get everything in! If you feel theres a chance you won’t make a session, identify it up front and do what you can to avoid missing it. If you still miss it, you need to restructure your plan to make sure you are back on track as soon as possible.



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