Day 30: Weights – Shoulders & Traps, Cardio – 25 min Low Intensity

Day 30…tough going. I’m just about recovered for the alcohol but today I am back to work and it’s hectic. I have a feeling this is going to be one of those long short weeks at work, where because of the bank-holiday and having Monday off, I will now be chasing the week working extra hours to get s**t nailed by Friday. I worked 10 hours today, which added to my commute means that I was out of the house for 12 hours. Whatever your situation you can find the time if you really want it!

Anyway, it’s Shoulders and Traps today and it’s time to hit the gym!

Total Workout Time: 1 hr 2 mins

Cardio: 25 min Walk
On the flat, walk for 25 minutes on the treadmill, it’s straight forward but if I’m honest it’s probably all I’m able for after the weekend.
Cardio Mood: Good to sweat out the badness! Nice!
FacelessFitness Shoulders & Traps
Weights Workout: Shoulders & Traps
Exercise 1 – Dumbbell Press
10 reps @ 25 Kg
10 reps @ 25 Kg
10 reps @ 25 Kg
Comment:Good. Mentally tough this session will be, but good rep out!
Exercise 2 – Military Press – Alternate reps in front & behind head
Raise the bar above your head, then lower to your chin, push back up over your head, then lower the bar to the back of your neck. Repeat for 10 reps each.
10/10 reps @ 25 Kg
10/10 reps @ 25 Kg
10/10 reps @ 25 Kg
Comment:Really good exercise, very tough to push out the final set. Great!
Exercise 3 – Seated Side Raise – Dumbbells 
10 reps @ 10 Kg
10 reps @ 12.5 Kg
10 reps @ 15 Kg
10-reps @ 17.5 Kg
Comment:Great for the rear deltoids. up start weight next time out, good form. Well Done!
Exercise 4 – Traps: face pulls
10 reps @ 25 Kg
10 reps @ 25 Kg
10 reps @ 25 Kg
Comment:Good form, Well done
Exercise 5 – Reverse Fly
10 reps @ 35 Kg
10 reps @ 45 Kg
10 reps @ 55 Kg
10-reps @ 25 Kg
Comment:Lowered weight to get the real pinch in the proper muscle. Felt that I was giving up too much form at the higher weight! Never sacrifice form for the ability to say you lifted more!
Exercise 6 – Dumbbell Circles
10 reps @ 7.5 Kg
Comment: Haven’t seen this anywhere previously but it seemed like an exercise that could fail out the muscle. It did, success!
Weights Mood:Nice workout tonight. Happy with my progress and this session should continue to develop my shoulders and trap effectively.

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