Day 29 – Rest, Cardio – 20 min walk

Not a great day! Day 28’s alcohol consumption was crazy. I’m not sure I can go home to my friends and family any-more. I was sustained drinking, followed by the 3 hour drive back to the capital on Day 29. I had planned on doing a long cardio session today but my body simply said no! At times you need to know when to just listen to your body, Get myself fresh for Tuesday is my main aim. I did complete a couple of laps of my building just to close out my cardio, but it was a slow and depressing pace. I feel sorry for myself, and feel as though maybe…just maybe I shouldn’t have drank as much…

To be honest this feeling, although terrible is exactly what I am looking for heading into an 8 week absence from booze. The alcohol and generally crap diet means I’m up 2 lbs from last week, but really it’s a soft increase, but does add to the positives for staying away from the empty calories. At this point I’m simply training too hard, working too long and generally maxed out to add a chronic drinking session to the mix.

It’s was a great last hurray, it nearly killed me, but I got through with some fun memories, see y’all at Christmas, I’ll bring my Abs! 🙂

Soho/Voodoo from last night – as you do :/

FacelessFitness SohoFacelessFitness VooDoo

Is that my glass?



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