Day 9: Weights – Back & Biceps, Cardio – 40 mins Medium Intensity

Woke up enthusiastic to get stuck into today’s session, working late yesterday meant a slight re-jig and I know my fitness programme is going to be a bit longer today as a result, I will continue with my planned 40 mins cardio and add my Back & Biceps session. The theme of week 2 is to go heavy and hard. Let’s get to the gym!

Total Workout Time: 1 hr 26mins
Cardio: 40 min Medium intensity – Cross Trainer for this
Straight forward work out, pick a medium intensity level and go at steady pace for 40 minutes, Aim to keep your heart rate over 170 BPM, I averaged around 175.
Cardio Mood: I generally don’t enjoy cardio particularly the longer sessions but they are necessary, pick a good mix on your phone/ipod/cassette player (remember those :p) and just go for it. I always feel better after than I do before on during, just get it done!
Weights Workout: Back & Biceps
Exercise 1 – Deadlift
10 reps @ 60Kg – Warm up

10 reps @ 80Kg – Warm up
8 reps @ 100Kg
4 reps @ 120Kg
Comment: Great pump, my lower back is on fire, very difficult to even unload the weights, remember to push the limits of heavy this week. for my start on a higher weight than 80Kg next time out.
Exercise 2 – Wide grip Pull Down
10 reps @ 60Kg
10 reps @ 82Kg
10 reps @ 90Kg
Comment:Up start weight, 60Kg was too easy. Need to mind my swinging on the last set. Good exercise.
Exercise 3 – Long Row – Dropsets
Start with weight at a relatively difficult level for 10 reps, drop 10 Kg (or less), do another 10 reps, drop again by 10 kg, do reps – no rest between sets

Set 1:
10 reps @ 60Kg – No rest
10 reps @ 50 Kg – No rest
10 reps @ 40 Kg
Set 2:
10 reps @ 50Kg – No rest
10 reps @ 40 Kg – No rest
10 reps @ 30 Kg
Comment: Really tough! Great!

Exercise 4 – Single Arm Dumbbell Row – Dropset
10 reps @ 30Kg
10 reps @ 25Kg
7 reps @ 20Kg
Comment: Unable to complete final 10 reps, great stuff. Back has be obliterated.
Exercise 5 – Single Arm Dumbbell Curls – Preacher
10 reps @ 20Kg
10 reps @ 20Kg
10 reps @ 20Kg
Comment: Good Exercise, assisted for the last couple of reps on the final set. Possibly drop the weight when tired to maintain full range of motion, felt the last couple of reps on each set were halves, definite room to improve.
Exercise 6 – Hammer Curls: Dropset to failure
Perform as reps reps as possible before dropping the weight, begin on a heavy rate to keep the rep range to a max of 10
10 reps @ 22.5Kg
6 reps @ 15Kg
5 reps @ 12Kg
7 reps @ 10Kg
Comment: Great finisher for biceps
Exercise 7 – Hyperextensions
10 reps @ Free
10 reps @ Free
Comment: Lower back in pieces, brilliant!
Weights Mood: Feel great! really happy that I got this completed within 46 minutes!
Really happy with this work out and how my facelessfitness gym programme is progressing. Some room for improvement particularly on being more disciplined on technique. Bring on Legs tomorrow.

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