Day 8: Weights – Rest Day, Cardio – Sprint Intervals

This was an unplanned rest day for my weights, got caught working late and couldn’t make it to the gym, it’s ok, it happens! I’ve just rejigged my week a little, It means the next three nights of the fitness programme will include lifting weights. If something unexpected happens and you have to switch a days training, that’s ok! the aim is to get it back on track as soon as possible and plan better to limit the risk next time out. Never skip cardio!

FacelessFitness - No Gym No Problem

I usually do my HIIT cardio training in gym but that’s not an option today, instead I’m going to do it indoors in my apartment. My apartment block is 6 storeys high and contains a stairwell, a perfect playground for my cardio session.

Cardio: 5 x 6 storey stairs sprints to the top, walk back down, 30 sec rest, Repeat! Important: do not skip any steps!

The first one went surprising well, see video @FacelessFitGuy on Instagram. But with another four to go I was really already spent. I walk back down to the basement and my legs are already like jelly, I’m already breathing heavy. 30 seconds rest already seems like 5 seconds. I go again and start with the same force as the last time, by the 5th storey my quads are really burning, when I make it to the top I stop to catch my breath! I feel like iIm really using my full lung capacity to get air in! I walk back down. 3rd time, again storey 5 I’m no longer sprinting. fully out of breath and a little dizzy when I get to the top. 2 more to go, I walk down. 3,2,1 I go again, I make a good attempt of a run to storey 3, I think and continue a slower uncoordinated run until storey 5, the final storey is just better than a walk. I pause up top and gather myself, I walk down! This is the last sprint I say to myself, let’s make it to the top! GO! (this time carrying my towel, phone & keys – I’m not walking all the way down here again tonight). I make a good sprint until storey 3 but my legs are spent, the final 3 storeys are a glorified walk, so much so that on the second to last step I turn and plank my ass at the top. I am absolutely spent. My lungs and heart are working amazing hard right now, my legs are beat and I’ve run 30 storeys in around 15 mins.

Hands down the toughest workout I’ve done so far, next time I’ll go for 6 sprints!



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