Day 9: Weights – Back & Biceps, Cardio – 40 mins Medium Intensity

Woke up enthusiastic to get stuck into today’s session, working late yesterday meant a slight re-jig and I know my fitness programme is going to be a bit longer today as a result, I will continue with my planned 40 mins cardio and add my Back & Biceps session. The theme of week 2 is to go heavy and hard. Let’s get to the gym!

Total Workout Time: 1 hr 26mins
Cardio: 40 min Medium intensity – Cross Trainer for this
Straight forward work out, pick a medium intensity level and go at steady pace for 40 minutes, Aim to keep your heart rate over 170 BPM, I averaged around 175.
Cardio Mood: I generally don’t enjoy cardio particularly the longer sessions but they are necessary, pick a good mix on your phone/ipod/cassette player (remember those :p) and just go for it. I always feel better after than I do before on during, just get it done!
Weights Workout: Back & Biceps
Exercise 1 – Deadlift
10 reps @ 60Kg – Warm up

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