Day 7: Weights – Chest & Triceps, Cardio – 20 min low intensity

Woke up this morning still quite tired, My legs are still hurting from Day 4, which is awesome but has me kind of wondering could I have pushed my shoulders harder on day 5! The workout itself was great but the weights need to be bigger to really hit. Anyway back to today and Chest and Triceps. Really excited to lift heavy today and smash it! Lets get to the gym!

Total Workout Time: 1 hr 6mins
Cardio: 20 min low intensity – Walk of threadmill
Straight forward low intensity walk, no tricks.
Cardio Mood: Important to get cardio in every day, minimum 20 minutes low intensity! Ready to smash the weights!
Weights Workout: Chest & Triceps
Exercise 1 – Dumbbell Press
10 reps @ 20Kg – Warm up

10 reps @ 20Kg – Warm up
10 reps @ 35Kg
10 reps @ 40Kg
9* reps @ 44kg
Comment: Great pump, really happy with getting up to 44Kg for 9 reps, was aiming for 10 on last set! Definitely felt this one!
Exercise 2 – Incline Dumbbell Fly
10 reps @ 20Kg
10 reps @ 22Kg
10 reps @ 22Kg
Comment: Start on 22Kg next time and move it up, could have managed more weight for 6-8 reps
Exercise 3 – Cable Flys: Highest/Medium/Low :no rest
Cable flys, start with cables at the top for 10 reps, move to medium position for 10 reps and then lowest position for 10 reps, no rest between! maintain a fly motion at each level!
10/10/10 reps @ 18Kg
10/10/10 reps @ 18Kg
Comment: Really good finisher for my Chest, feeling really pumped.
Exercise 4 – Cable Push Down
10 reps @ 25Kg
10 reps @ 30Kg
10 reps @ 35Kg
Comment: Tough at the end, start on higher weight.
Exercise 5 – Single Arm cable push down: Alternate arms no rest
Do 10 reps on right arm, 10 reps on left arm, then back to right arm etc. until complete
10 reps @ 7.5Kg x3 – no rest
Comment: Really Really tough, need assistance to complete last 10 on each arm
Exercise 6 – Ez bar: Rockers/Skull Crushers/Reverse Press : Giant set
10 reps rockers, 10 reps Skull Crushers, 10 reps Reverse Press, no rest!
10/5*/10 reps @ 20Kg
10/5*/10 reps @ 20Kg
*didnt make full reps
Comment: Really tough, unable to complete fully! Great burn!
Weights Mood: Feel great!
Overall really happy with this work out, bring on day 8 tomorrow and week 2!

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