Day 6: Weights – Rest Day, Cardio – 40 Mins Low Intensity

The DOMS, The DOMS, my legs are in agony this morning, real pain from my Glutes, Hamstrings and Quads. The main issue is getting up and moving, other than that I’m just fine :/ Today is a non training day from a weights perspective but I’m still going to get in my 40 mins of cardio. Its very important to not skip the cardio on your non training days! Doing cardio every day, even at low intensity is central to the FacelessFitness programme.

I’ve put in a good number of gym hours over the last couple of days so today I will take the opportunity to complete my cardio outdoors, I’m going to walk at a moderate pace to and around the local park, I’ve planned for 40 mins but as this is a Saturday and the weather is not too bad I’m likely to do between 45 and 60 mins, which is fine.

There are a lot of gym hours in this programme and at times it feels like you get yourself into a bit of  a cocoon, cut off from friends and family as you get into a proper gym/life routine. Unfortunately both friends & family can become distractions from your programme at certain times, However I think the non weights training days provide great opportunities to meet up with your loved ones doing social but healthy activities, go for a walk, bicycle ride etc. It will make it fun and feel less like a routine!

Projected Calories Burned: ~700



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