Week 3: Plan & Goal

Week 2 quick review: Happy with my progress for week 2, really getting into the gym routine now and feel that I did very well to push myself on every single set. I’ve put on some good muscle over the week and maintained my weight around even, this was certainly due to the extra muscle mass but also the alcohol consumed on the Saturday. For phase 1 of this gym programme we’re really trying to pack on as much size as possible while also cutting down weight in a sustainable fashion. It is essential that you measure yourself every week, weight, body fat %, and measurements. If I was only looking at my weight alone I would not have seen any progress this week and would have been disappointed, instead I know I’ve made some real gains. I completed every session and felt real progress was made. I also got a lot more protein in this week which definitely aided my gains.

Week 3 The Plan:
Day 15: Weights – Rest Day, Cardio – 40 mins Medium Intensity
Day 16: Weights – Rest Day, Cardio – 20 min Low Intensity
Day 17: Weights – Legs, Cardio – 20 min Low Intensity
Day 18: Weights – Shoulders, Traps & Abs, Cardio – Stairs Interval Sprints
Day 19: Weights – Chest & Triceps, Cardio – 20 min Low Intensity
Day 20: Weights – Rest Day, Cardio – 40 mins Medium Intensity
Day 21: Weights – Back & Biceps, Cardio – 20 min Intervals

The Goal:

The goal of week three isto continue to lift heavy. Every set you should be aiming to fail after around 6 reps and push through to 10 reps, if it’s not happening you need to put that weight up. With the exception of dropsets I want to get myself failing between 6-8 reps. Remember form is extremely important, when hitting your fail weight you need to make sure the muscle that you want to fail is the one doing the majority of the work. If you feel you are over compensating any muscles to assist your isolation exercise, put the weight down and really focus on the target muscle, and lift heavy. Really heavy!

This week we are going to maintain the same cardio fitness programme split between longer 40 min sessions, low intensity 20 min sessions, and a mix of 20 min HIIT interval training and 20 min Sprint Interval training. I will also try to break my 6 storey sprint record for my sprint intervals this week. Remember never skip your cardio on this programme.

Although my body fat % has come down (which is the real aim), my weight stayed steady last week, largely due to the additional protein calories which built some muscle and of course the empty alcohol calories of Saturday night. I am allowed to drink up until the 4th week of this gym programme but I need to look at ways to limit the damage more. By the end of week 3, my training diet should begin to take shape. you need to spend this week documenting the bad things that you eat. Continue to consume around 6-7 portions of protein each day. This is essential to keep your muscles fuelled. The third week is time to get serious about the nutrition side. Time to cut out the bad and replace with the good. Phase 2 beginning in week 4 will begin a stricter diet, we need to ease ourselves into this over the next week, start identifying bad habit and where substitutions can be made. Time to start thinking about those Abs and how we’re going to get them out.

Where I’m at Week 2:
Remember It’s extremely important to take accurate measurements for yourself to ensure that you are continually pushing yourself forward each week.

The scales & naked mirror test (If your honest) don’t lie, however measurements and progress pics can and frequently do. To remove any ambiguity all of my measurements and progress pics will show my at rest state and my tensed state.

Weight : 217lbs or 15 Stone 7 Lbs (-5lbs vs week 1, 0 lbs vs week 2)
Body Fat %: 18% (-2% vs week 1, -1% vs week 2)

Body Part: At Rest/Tensed     (Compared to Week 1)
Chest: 109cm / 119cm                (+1cm /+1cm vs week 1, +2cm / +4cm vs week 2)
Waist: 103.5 / 99cm                (-3cm / -1cm vs week 1, -2cm / 0 cm vs week 2)
Arms: 39cm / 42.5cm                  (0cm / +1.5cm vs week 1, +1cm /+0.5cm vs week 2)
Forearms: 32cm / 32.5cm       (+0.5cm / +0.5cm vs week 1, 0.5cm /+0.5cm vs week 2)
Thighs Up: 65cm / 65.5cm         (+1cm/+0.5cm vs week 1, +1.5cm /+0.5cm vs week 2)
Thighs Lo: 53cm / 54cm             (+2cm /+1cm vs week 1, +3cm / 0cm vs week 2)
Calves: 43cm / 44cm                  (0cm /+2cm vs week 1, 0cm / +1.5cm vs week 2)

Day 15 photos, Images on the left at the at rest pose, images on the right are the tensed/flexed pose. Both photos taken at the same time in the same room and from the same distance!

Faceless Fitness Day 15 Gym ProgressFaceless Fitness Day 15 gym progress

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