Day 15: Weights – Rest Day, Cardio – 40 mins medium intensity

OK I’ve successfully come through the first two weeks and I’m kicking off week 3 of the faceless fitness programme with a medium intensity cardio session and a rest day from the weights training. Today is Monday and for many regular gym goers this represents ‘Chest and Triceps’ day, the fun session that people tend to gravitate to each and every Monday. However rest is essential to the faceless fitness programme and to achieve proper rest you need to take a rest day every third or fourth day without exception. Sometimes if required you can take two rest days back to back either if you get caught by an external factor (As I did this week), or you simply feel you need a second day of rest. During a 12 week programme I would never take more than two rest days at once and I would endeavour to follow this up with 3 weight training days in a row.

FacelessFitness Day 15

Work is busy and I feel exhausted today when I get home, I am mentally and physically drained and honestly I really could do without going to the gym this evening. Don’t worry, everybody gets days like this. I know what I have to do and I know what my end goal is and I will not achieve it if I start skipping out on sessions.

I make it to the gym, bike or threadmill…? I know the bike will probably be a bit easier but will not burn as many calories, and on rest days I’m in the business of calories….Ah crap, threadmill it is!

Cardio: 40 mins medium Intensity – Treadmill

I want to pick a pace that will challenge me for the 40 minutes but equally I want to go at a pace that I can maintain for 40 minutes. I choose to walk uphill, I adjust the incline to maximum capacity (And look like a lunatic in the gym), hang on tight, and begin to walk. My legs are sore but its ok, I can manage. After 10 minutes I feel that theres a bit more in me, uphill walking is really more of a low intensity exercise. I adjust the incline back to flat and move to a jogging pace. I’m sweating and tired and the minutes seem to be going by really slowly, I eventually make it to around 33 minutes and feel the need to walk again, to ensure I’m getting the maximum from my walk I move the incline back up to the max.

Cardio Mood: I’ve had better Mondays! But I am happy in knowing that I’ve done exactly what I needed to do. There are no days off from cardio!

Calories Burned: 575



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