Day 20: Weights – Rest Day, Cardio – 40 mins Medium Intensity

It’s Saturday here at and this is a weights rest day. I’ve just come off the back of three straight days of heavy lifting and this is a well deserved (and well needed) rest day. However I do had a longer session of cardio to do today which I know will be tough because my legs are feeling the effects of the last couple of days.

If you’ve been following my Instagram @facelessfitguy you’ll know that I did not get much sleep last night, around 4 hours, which really sucks because I need sleep particularly at the weekends as my Monday to Friday is pretty hectic with work and training. I think I’m getting the flu, my girlfriend is currently out of work sick with it and their are a lot of germs floating around my apartment. She’s had it a couple of days but I’ve managed to keep it at bay…until now?!

I fell asleep around 12:30 am, but woke again at 2, coughing and sneezing and don’t talk to me about the DOMS from Wednesday, Glutes and Calves are so sore. I feel wired and can’t get back to sleep, I’m too hot but also too cold, pain in my ass, can’t walk proper with calves, the sweats. This is an absolute nightmare, I just wana look good ffs (for f**k sake).

The DOMS are keeping me awake but I’m far more concerned about contracting the flu. A flu at this point would mean a day or two off from my weights training. I would still continue my cardio but no lifting when your sick, unless you want to be really sick! I get up around half 2 with a double pronged approach to sorting this out. My girlfriend has all of the medicines that I could possibly need for this but I want to let me body fight it itself. I take a multivitamin and add 2 berocca boost tablets to overload my body with vitamins and strengthen my immune system. Take that Flu germs! For my DOMS and to please God put me back to sleep I warm up some milk (just like a baby) and add some of my Optimum Nutrition Chocolate Casein.

It worked and I slept, but only until 7.30am. It will do. I don’t feel great, there is some green flem (yuck) but I think I gave my body enough to fight it off, for now!

Cardio: 40 mins Medium Intensity – Treadmill

My DOMS are really bad today, My Calves are in absolute pieces. But I know I need to do my cardio. One trick I use is tiger balm. It’s available is pretty much any pharmacy and even some supermarkets and pound shops, It cheap and effective. I bought this version ‘China Balm’ from the Tiger stores ( It works a little like deep heat but I don’t have any injury, instead it should warm up my muscles and provide enough numbness to get through the 40 mins. I apply it liberally to my calves. Ironically it’s also great for colds and flu, so a couple of sniffs and I’m off!

FacelessFitness Tiger Balm

I set the incline to the max and start walking at a quick pace, remember this is medium intensity so should be a challenge. My pace is walking quickly if I hang on to the handles, or need to jog if I let go. That’s the pace we need to be at.

Cardio Mood: Tough session with the incline but sweated a huge amount, The tiger balm definitely helped and after around 10 minutes my calves were no problem.

Calories Burned: 618

FacelessFitness Day 20 Cardio

It’s now straight home to shower, If you have any suspicion that you may be sick or getting sick, get immediately from training into a hot shower, If you don’t usually shower in the gym and live a distance away, start showering in the gym. Cold sweat will make you sick.



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