Week 4: Recap

Week 4 was a fantastic training week, which featured a proper weekend bender at the end of it – unfortunately! Week 4 represents the final week of phase 1 of my programme, 8 weeks to go!

Very happy with progress to date, beginning to position myself to attack my personal bests!

I Feel Strong!

Captain Morgans + 5 mixers for 60 euro…I have some of that I thought three different times over the weekend…fml!

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Week 4:
Measurements check in after 28 days:



Day 22: Shoulders & Abs
Day 23: Legs
Day 24: Cardio Only
Day 25: Arms
Day 26: Chest
Day 27: Rest
Day 28: Back


Still going in the correct direction, but work and long meetings is proving difficult! need to get around this because it’s unlikely to change over the next 8 weeks…unless I get fired….hmmm that would give me more time to train!

I’m committing to one more week of looseness then Lent begins and so does publishing my fitness pal. The aim for a 6 pack for Paddys day is still well and truly on!

How am I lookin’ (after week 4):


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