100000 Reps

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By the end of 2016, I have committed to completing 100000 repetitions in aid of suicide and self-harm support and prevention. Every single workout out rep will be posted to my Instagram account @FacelessFitGuy and any money raised will go directly to Pieta House.

In Ireland, like many other countries, suicide and self harm are still very much taboo subjects. Although great strides have been taken in recent years to break the stigma around mental health, it still exists and often the issues are not brought into focus until you or a family member is already suffering. Every single day people use professionals for advice on everyday things that are a part of life; problem with your car you go to a mechanic, problem with your physical health you go to a doctor, problem with pipes you call a plumber. The list goes on. when we have problems with things in every day life we get the advice of experts that can help, but what do we always do first? We talk to friends and family before we talk to any professional. For mental health this is most important. Never suffer alone!

Pieta House are an amazing organisation that provided support to over 5000 people and their families in 2015 alone. I am honoured to be involved as a volunteer with such a fantastic charity.

So please follow my journey on Instagram and donate as little or as much as possible to my everydayhero charity page below, all money raised goes directly to Pieta House.

Donate Here:
100000 reps for Pieta House



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