Day 3: Cardio – 40 min Medium intensity, Weights: Rest Day

The DOMS have arrived, woke up this morning clung to the bed! Chest and Triceps in agony all day. I love being back though. Luckily today is a non weights training day so just the 40 minutes cardio to get through this evening. After last nights interval training my legs are a bit tired, the aim of this workout is to get my heart rate up to a medium to high level (around 150bpm) continually for the 40 minutes. In doing this I don’t necessarily need to burn out my legs, and leg day is coming at me fast tomorrow. I choose to complete my workout on the stationary bike for best effect. I choose a moderate difficulty, level 4 on this particular bike and begin pedalling. The initial 10 minutes are tough but I soon fall into the rhythm. When working on the bike for this type of workout I like to keep me RPM (Revolutions per minute) over 90, this means I complete exactly 1.5 turns of the pedal every 1 second (Easy to count I know). Coming up to 30 minutes I feel great, 10 to go. All most instant around 31 minutes my body send a quick reminder, “Hey Faceless Fit Guy, you ain’t fit yet buddy’, and just like that my quads feel like they are on fire, not a deep burn but begining to really feel it down towards my knees. I push through. And the out of absolutely nowhere The Prodigy – Breathe flicks on to my playlist at around 36 mins.  Now believe me, when listening to that song it is impossible to keep your legs at 90 rpm, I was tipping well over 105 coming up to 40 mins. This song will definitely be used next time I’m out on interval training.

Calories Burned: 312, Distance: 15Km

The Prodigy – Breathe



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