Day 5: Weights – Shoulders, Traps & Abs, Cardio: 20 min Sprint Intervals

Today was the first tough day, initially physically from when I got up until I got home after work. I threw on my gym gear, sat in front of the tv for an hour and watched Futurama followed by The Simpsons. Now here is where the mentally tough part kicked in, another Simpsons about to start, I’m sleepy, tired, and my legs are absolutely shot from last night. Glutes in particular are painful. The easiest thing in the world would be to not go, some people watch a motivational video or find a good motivational post on a social network, I don’t….not this early into the programme. This is the first of many motivation challenges I will have to face to complete out this programme. Don’t use motivational vids or social media posts to give you motivation, only use them to give you MORE motivation, become mentally strong in yourself. F**k it, I’m going!

Total Workout Time: 1 hr 11 minutes

Cardio: 20 minute Sprint Intervals – Bike

2 minute warm up (to loosen out from Day 4) and then straight into the sprints. Choose a moderate level that will allow you to really get your RPM (Revolutions per Minute) up as high as possible. I complete three 6 second sprints every minute for the next 18 minutes, that’s 54 interval sprints.
Go as hard as you can for 6 seconds, then rest while still turning the pedals for 14 seconds…and just keep repeating until you get to 20 minutes. For the 6 second sprints I was getting my RPM up to around 160 which is good, for the 14 second rest I brough it down to around 50 RPM.

54 x 6 second sprints

Cardio Mood: Great exercise, kept my heart rate between 160 and 170 bpm through out. If you want to understand the Theory of Relativity, don’t go to science class, do sprint intervals! The longer you stay on the bike the longer the 6 second sprints seem and the shorter the 14 second rest period. 6 second sprints are great because it’s not like you can’t do them each time, you can, but they are long enough to be tough and short enough to actually get them done! Tough and sweaty!

Weights Work Out: Shoulders, Traps & Abs
Exercise 1: Seated Dumbbell Press
Warm Up: 10 reps @ 20 Kg
10 reps @ 25 Kg
10 Reps @ 25 Kg
10 reps @ 25 Kg
Comment: Good, need to ensure I stay more upright during exercise, tendency to lean back and could feel my Chest being engaged on the last 2 sets. Keep in mind next session out.

Exercise 2: Seated Side Raise
Drop Set
10 reps @ 12.5 Kg – No rest drop weight
10 Reps @ 10 Kg – No rest drop weight
10 reps @ 8 Kg

Drop Set
10 reps @ 12.5 Kg – No rest drop weight
10 Reps @ 10 Kg – No rest drop weight
10 reps @ 8 Kg
Comment: Tough, Shoulders beginning to burn

Exercise 3: Military Press – Alternate between Front and Back
Alternate each rep, start in front, extend barbell fully and then bring it down behind your head, push up to full extension and bring down in front of face – repeat.
Behind Head/In Front of Face
10/10 Reps @ 10 Kg
10/10 reps @ 10 Kg
Comment:Good exercise, got a great range of motion on shoulders

Exercise 4: Dumbbell Shrug -> IYTW to fail
Begin with dumbbell shrugs and then move straight into IYTW with a light dumbell, perform IYTW to fail.
Shrugs —No Rest—->IYTW
10 Reps @ 2×25 Kg —No Rest—-> 6 reps @ 6 Kg (6Is, 6Ys,6Ts, 6Ws)
10 reps @ 2×25 Kg —No Rest—-> 6 reps @ 6 Kg
Comment: Good burn on traps, need heavier dumbbells for Shrug.

Exercise 5: Abs
Set 1:
Weighted Sit Up’s – 20 reps @ +10Kg
Lying Leg Up’s – 20 reps
Floor Crunch – 20 reps

Set 2:
Side Reaches – 15 each side @ 20 Kg
Weighted Sit Up – 20 reps @ +10 Kg
Lying Leg Up’s – 20 reps

Set 3:
Full Sit Up – 20 reps
Floor Crunch – 20 reps
Russian Twist – 20 reps @ 10 Kg

Comment:Nice Abs workout to start off, some cramping in the lower abs during second set. Need to add more weight to the weighted sit up’s next time out.

Weights Mood: Great session, really happy with it for the first week!

Overall extremely happy that I made it to the gym to put in a great session. My entire body has now been smashed by lifting this week. Feels great to get it done! Now off for an ice bath.



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