Week 3: Recap


Week 3 went extremely well, hit all my workouts and made progress on every weight I lifted, I’m still in the easing myself back in phase but feeling really strong. I love training and with 9 more weeks to go I’m highly motivated. On the work front, things got busy again but where there’s a will there’s a way! Discipline and determination to maintain a work-life balance has been key, that and training late at night!

From my summary measurements below you can see that I’ve lost 3 lbs in 3 weeks, not huge you may say and if I were looking at weight alone I could easily get disappointed, but I’m not! Instead I have added 10.5 cm’s of muscle to the body parts that I want, and lost 3.5 cm’s off of my waist at rest. I can’t stress enough how measuring your weight alone is not and should not be done. I feel great and am beginning to look great.

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Week 3:
Measurements check in after 21 days:



Day 15: Shoulders & Traps
Day 16: Cardio Only
Day 17: Legs
Day 18: Cardio Only
Day 19: Chest & Triceps
Day 20: Back & Biceps
Day 21: Cardio Only



Milk is my favourite thing in the whole world! Bar no other drink! none, milk with everything! To quote the main man Arnold Schwarzenegger – “Milk is for babies”, if this is true then pass me my bawbaw!

Fell off the wine wagon on Friday night and boy was it sweet, seeing as I can’t actually swim, falling into a large glass is potentially fatal and fun 🙂

I’m getting in around 7-8 meals a day, with 4 certain definite solid food, 3 definite protein supplements and another either food or supplement. Struggled with meetings this week to get my meals in on time which went one day in particular I only have 5, not good enough when the training I am doing in considered. Room to improve.

How am I lookin’ (after week 3):

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