Week 2: Recap

It feels great to be back, I repeat, great to be back. Week 2 was a little tougher, work hours piled back on making things more difficult. There’s always going to be another deadline, another obstacle, or something in your life which tries to throw you off your plan. For me, I hit all my planned sessions this week despite the timing of some being later in the evening or converted to home sessions.

I feel strong, I feel I’m getting back to where I’ve been previously, confident under the weight but no where near my PB yet. In terms of cardio, I’ve not yet gotten into the rhythm of my interval training, this is due mainly to the time constraint i’m under with work, Instead I’ve been using my commute as cardio, walking everyday for at least 25 minute, some days twice a day. It’s perfect for what I need right now.

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One Back & Biceps session to go later today and that’s a wrap for week 2 🙂

Week 2:
Measurements check in after 14 days:



Day 8: Back & Biceps
Day 9: 30 Min Cardio
Day 10: Legs
Day 11: Shoulders & Abs
Day 12: 40 min Cardio
Day 13: Chest & Triceps
Day 14: Back & Biceps



Some bad behaviour this week, including pizza and 2 beers in the office but then again #iifym. In general good, and had piles of protein. Will publish diary from next week. Really need to cut out Milk, had around 3 litres yesterday lols.

How am I lookin’ (after week 2):

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Week 2 Flex



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