Week 1 Recap

Feels amazing to be back training again, I’ve realised over the Christmas period that and un-organised lifestyle really does not suit me. I need structure, rules, planning and to sleep regular hours. Christmas was awesome, met some great old friends and spent some great time with my family, then again lucky it only comes once a year.

It’s now the first week of January and I always like to look for distance events in the calendar to aim for, it’s 11 weeks to Paddy’s day and 12 weeks to Easter. These are two big drinking events in an Irish man’s calendar. The Euros are 12 weeks from Easter, my birthday is 12 weeks from the Euros, and Christmas is 12 weeks from my birthday. Also a two week holiday with my girlfriend in August is planned. So I have milestones everywhere.

I need to make a decision in the next 4-5 weeks as to what direction I want to take my life this year, On the one hand I could go the route of Natural Physique competing, on the other hand I could go back playing a team sport. I have ambitions to do both and achievements I want from both but with the type of training needed for each I cannot do both. For now and the first 8-12 weeks the aim will be the same, get as fit and lean as possible while packing on muscle. If you’ve been following my blog or social media (thank you), you will have seen a drop off in training just before Christmas, work got hectic! I was working 55-60 hour weeks and when you factor in that it’s 1 hour each way for me to get to work, it was unsustainable. I keep it going at the weekends with maintenance sessions. This year I will be reigning in my hours and pushing more work on to my team 🙂 , while still pushing my career in the right direction.

Week 1:

Measurements Check in:
Happy about progress after 7 days!!



Training went great this week, hit all my sessions and eased myself back into the gym. I’ve missed the muscle soreness, NOT, but there is something about that type of soreness that gives you a sense of achievement.


All workouts available each day on insta @facelessfitguy


Recorded all my meals this week and will do a quick assessment on improvements to be made and where to get more structured . In Summary: More protein, less Milk, more structure!

How my lookin’ (After 1 week):

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Let’s do week 2.



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