Day : Weights – Rest Day, Cardio – Low Intensity

I already know that the next 4 days are not going to allow me to get to the gym. My work commitment of 50+ hour weeks means that I’m going to have to switch up what I was planning for this part of my programme. The primary goal has switched from gains to maintenance and unfortunately this is how it will be for the next couple of weeks that I can see.

My career goals are taking priority at the minute as I now have three people reporting directly to me (which is awesome).

However back to my programme. For now Mon-Thurs are looking like they are going to be cardio only days.

I will walk to work each morning and walk home in the evening, this gives me 10 minutes from my apartment to the Luas and 25 minutes from the Luas to work and the opposite after work.

It’s not great but it will do to keep my weight steady, I will use the weekends to complete Full upper and Full lower body sessions coupled with longer cardio sessions.